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Predictions for 2014


It is the beginning of another new year. This is the time when most “thought leaders” crawl out of the woodwork and start predicting trends – technology, culture, business, life – for the year and then disappear to return again at the start of the next year. So, in keeping with this tradition, here is my prediction for the corner office / workplace for 2014.

#1 Rise of big data:

Gone are the uncomplicated days when you could skip a day at the office citing ill health. Your manager will track you and your activities on the internet.

“You cannot come to my Wife’s jewelry exhibition because of stomach trouble and indigestion, eh? Well then, why does your foursquare profile say that you have just checked into the Lal Batti Gentlemen’s club?”

Your facebook posts, tweets, rediff comments, ‘find my iphone’ app, blogs on improving office productivity will all be used by your employer to assess the amount of work you have been doing, whether you are a ‘flight risk’, whether you have been dissing your manager, attitude towards the latest company vision statement etc. In short, no more privacy!

#2 Use of social media:

It will not just be the management who will be using social media to track your whereabouts. You will also start to leverage social media much more for your office work. If Wikipedia was the main source of all your project reports, then pretty soon you will start using linkedin, facebook, twitter to know more about the manager who is going to interview you for your next role.

“Hmmm…So, Ashish Patel calls himself a futurist on his linked in profile. His facebook posts indicate that he has just taken his family to Europe for a vacation. His tweets indicate that he is a strongly right-leaning social conservative who believes that homosexuality is a disease that can be cured by breathing deeply in and out!” – So, when you interview with him, you know exactly what to talk about and what not to talk about!

#3 New self-help and leadership articles:

The success of AAP in the Delhi elections will spawn a host of leadership articles that will teach you to be successful in the AAP way.

“Kejriwal led a motley bunch of crusaders, took on the might of the political establishment, communicated a vision of change to a frustrated citizenry and won! Well, your company can do the same, if you follow the 3C model of leadership (Command, Change, Create!)…”

There will be special leadership courses in leading B-schools such as IIPM, who will dare to think beyond the IIMs and provide courses in political management.

#4 Top 10 lists

Top 10 / 25  / n lists will continue to be popular. We will have a mid-year / quarterly / end-year review of the best and worst that 2014 has offered us and will be offering us. These articles will be followed by angry commenters questioning the parentage and ancestry of the authors. These commenters will, in turn, be questioned by another set of equally rabid commenters on their own attitude towards life.

#5 Corner office

The workplace will largely remain the same. Managers will delegate responsibility, peers will backstab you and subordinates will disappoint you with the quality of their deliverables. However, overall – most of you will climb the ladder and will be able to despise the workplace from a new vantage point. Soon, you will get to see things from your boss’s point of view and quickly realize that you have to do the same things that he / she did and which you criticized as a sub-ordinate.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any predictions for 2014? What do you think will be different about 2014 as compared to previous years?


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