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Weekly Curated Links #6

  1. Management consulting may add value after all! – There are many rants against middle management, red tape and management consultants (including one published on this blog). However, they may have their uses after all, as this article argues!
  2. Patent trolling – They made a business of filing patent lawsuits against e-commerce companies!
  3. 11 tips for airports – Great article on what airports can do to improve the overall experience. And anything is an improvement over the current situation!
  4. FDI in retail (again) – After all the fuss made by political parties, it is ironical that global retailers are not exactly rushing to sign up in India.
  5. The latest status of the big mac index – How the currency adjustments by economies are getting reflected in the big mac index.
  6. Maruti Suzuki – An interesting history of how Maruti continues to be a force to reckon with in the Indian automobile sector
  7. Simple ideas – They may have got laughed out of any B-school idea discussions, but these went on to make history and billions!

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