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Weekly Curated Links #5


Continuing our curated link series…

  1. UPS and the travelling salesman problem – A very interesting article about the team of mathematicians at UPS helping save the company millions of dollars through better algorithms in routing. The most interesting aspect is the change management approaches they used to convince the employees to use their solutions.
  2. Is an MBA degree an unnecessary evil? – Many of you are probably MBAs and would have faced this question. Well, this is a debate presenting both sides of the argument. Readers were asked to vote on which side was more compelling and guess who won?
  3. One way trip! – Ever wanted to go to Mars? Well, it may become a possibility. But then, there is also the distinct possibility that you will have to stay there.
  4. Apple vs Amazon – An excellent article on the paradox that is called ‘Equity markets’. It compares Apple’s price trends in spite of meeting quarterly expectations with that of Amazon.
  5. Cheap flight tickets! – Ever wondered how to reach from City A to City B at the lowest flight prices? Well, this article has some useful suggestions.
  6. Innovation can be messy! – Dreamliners from Boeing are getting grounded! Does that mean we should stop innovating? Definitely not!
  7. Foreign companies in India – An interesting article on the successes of some of the foreign MNCs in India through their subsidiaries / holdings.
  8. Luck and investing – A good post on how luck plays a critical role in day-trading! All the analysis and calculations are OK, but luck plays a critical role too!
  9. World’s fastest broadband internet – The bittorrent for the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ taking too long to download? Well, here are some countries that you should think of moving to!

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