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Weekly Curated Links #4


Continuing our curated link series…

  1. World economics data – Have you ever struggled to find a reliable data source to compare the per-capita income of Burundi and Saudi Arabia over the past 10 years? Well fear no more!
  2. Outsourcing – Subscription required! Ever since Tom Friedman talked about India’s IT powerhouses in his books, people have been predicting the demise of the outsourcing business! Economist takes a plunge in this pool with its predictions!
  3. Manufacturing in Low Cost Countries – Subscription required! After the manufacturing migration to China, it seems the world has come back to the starting point! There is a small but increasing number of businesses actively considering moving the jobs back to the US.
  4. Copyright and you – Free Harvard class! On Copyrights! Nothing more to say.
  5. Questions and Answers – What is like to visit North Korea? What is it like to be a sniper? What are the economics of lying? If these are some of the questions bothering you, this is the link for you.
  6. Happy Companies – What is the secret to being happy with your career? Keep changing jobs!
  7. Coffin problems – In the 70’s, the soviets came up with a way to discourage Jews and ‘undesirables’ from attending the Math program of the Moscow State University. They came up with problems that have simple solutions which are extremely difficult to find! They were called ‘coffin’ problems. This is a collection of such problems. Very interesting read, although the motivation for developing them is shocking! (Link through Futility Closet)
  8. Disruptive Facebook – Open Compute Project and its implications for their business!

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