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Weekly Curated Links #3


Continuing our curated link series…

  1. Corporate Managers and Risk – Nassim Nicholas Taleb – yes, the black swan guy – talks about why the corporate managers do not understand risk and are also not motivated to understand it better.
  2. Airplane travel – Scott Adams always comes up with thought-provoking ideas. He touches a particularly sensitive topic here that most of us professionals can identify with – Airline travel and how to make it faster!
  3. Rural newspaper – About the launch of a newspaper targeting the rural Indian reader. Hope that the next move is a good Hindi TV serial! Well, there is definitely a market for a well-made, intelligent, limited episodes Hindi television serial – but more of that in a separate blog entry.
  4. Driverless cars and you! – Google is conducting research on a driverless car! Imagine driving this in New York City or Mumbai traffic, and then you will ask the same question that the author is asking!
  5. Innovation – is it over? – Economist argues here that the pace of innovation has slowed down and needs more funding from governments to keep it going! Very insightful graphics on the innovations across history!
  6. Global Business Insight Report 2013 – Beginning of a new year will always throw up articles on ‘things to look forward to this year’, ‘best and worst of 2012’ etc. But this set of articles are collectively very insightful. Definitely worth downloading.
  7. Lala rich, Yuppie rich and Hippie rich – Aadisht’s take on the segmentation of rich people in India, based on observation of Indian television shows and films.

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