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Weekly Curated Links #2


Continuing our curated link series into 2013 (disclaimers apply as in previous post in the series)…

  1. Russian citizenship for Depardieu – A news article that talks about the noted French actor, Gerard Depardieu, announcing his intention to renounce his French citizenship on account of the high income tax rates in France on the wealthy. He has already applied for Belgian citizenship – so, France’s income tax rates hike is Belgium’s gain!
  2. Born in the right place – A very interesting analysis on which countries are the best places to be born in 2013. US ranks #16 while India ranks all the way below at #66.
  3. Populism and its consequences – A case study on the implications of 2 populist schemes intended to dole out benefits to the poor. The intentions may have been ‘honorable’ but had disastrous consequences.
  4. Retail FDI in India – Unless you were living on the moon for the past few months, you would have heard about the ruckus in the Indian political scene over the decision to let global retail giants into the retail sector. Many articles and publications have focused on the emotional aspects of the decisions and the impact on the poor. This article – as any other article from EPW – comes up with a logical and ‘economics’ based point of view. Read the other articles in the site too! Very informative.
  5. Google does a Microsoft – Remember the time Microsoft got into trouble for forcing their desktop users to use internet explorer and effectively killing Netscape? Well, Google seems to be going down a similar path, but Facebook is no Netscape. So, we will have to wait and see what happens in this fight!
  6. Buying insurance products – Now that you have started earning, you will be plagued by investment advisors and money managers. You will also be faced with a plethora of investment products. This article gives you some common-sense advice on what to do with such products. The author has a specific animosity towards insurance agents and I completely empathize with him.
  7. Wine tasting – Freakonomics needs no introductions! This is an insightful piece on how people perceive their wine tastes and the economics behind it.
  8. Studs and Fighters – A brilliant post on people and how their approach to problem solving shapes their effectiveness in different work situations! There are implications for how you divide tasks among your team members.

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