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Weekly Curated Links #1


This series will attempt to provide you with links to some of the most insightful business articles, news items or blog posts, which in my opinion, are informative or thought-provoking or introduce new ideas. Please note that I don’t endorse these opinions and they are solely the opinions of the authors.

  1. The Pogie Awards – Subscription may be required! The 2012 winners of the Pogie awards include some really ingenious ideas. My personal favorite is the Cycloramic.
  2. Credit scores and match-making – Subscription may be required! Pretty soon, you will need to enter your credit scores in the match-making sites!
  3. Is Growth Over? – I don’t agree with Krugman in most areas, but he makes a logical point in this article. He talks about an ‘unintended consequence’ of ever increasing productivity.
  4. Electronics manufacturing in China – Next time you use your iPad to browse this blog (:-D ), think of the workers in China manufacturing them. Although minor, there are steps being taken to transform the conditions under which these workers live and work.
  5. Cubiclenama – Sidin never fails to entertain and make you think with his weekly column on the joys and (mostly) pains of corporate life.
  6. Turkish Internet Industry – Subscription may be required! Interesting article on the burgeoning entrepreneurial activity in Turkey, especially in the internet sector. Time to invest in a few startups there?
  7. Fundamentals of banking – Ravikiran uses the parable approach to explain banking and money supply concepts to the non-bankers! ‘Classic’ – as he himself categorizes this post.
  8. On Competition and Markets – Atanu Dey, the brilliant development economist, argues why competition and free markets are the most natural and logical form of economy. Go on and read his other articles too! I don’t agree with his political leanings, but he talks a lot of sense on the economics side.
  9. Middle Management – The irrepressible Scott Adams churns out another thought-provoking post about why it makes sense to automate or ‘robotify’ the middle management of any organization. Hmmm! Maybe it already has happened.
  10. Family business learning – Last but not least, an article from BCG perspectives. Makes you think of the qualities required for truly successful companies. May require subscription for reading the details, but the leader article has enough material to make you aware of the approach.

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